About Selenity

Since 1989 Selenity has been delivering exceptional products and high quality service that strive to streamline business processes and reduce spend.

Our values:

To transform our customers, Selenity promotes a friendly environment that engages with its employees. Attitude and teamwork are highly important, but loving what you do is by far the key to our success.


Our mission:

To provide fast, innovative and configurable cloud technologies that reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure compliance to HR and finance departments. 

Our vision:

To transform organisations and empower people through cloud technologies, anytime, anyplace, and on any device.

To be the leading global provider of cloud solutions. We will continue to challenge old ways of doing things, never accepting the status quo.

  • Our products will continue to differentiate by offering highly configurable and extremely efficient solutions in a user-friendly package.
  • Our customers will achieve a higher return-on-investment by wrapping our technology around their business.

We own the technology that does this.

How we do it

We took a big gamble in 1999. A research and development unit was created, the remit, to explore the potential of the internet for delivering business solutions. A number of experimental products were created, each product allowing the research and development teams to understand the potential and the limitations of the internet.  Internet speed was very low and hyper-efficient software was essential. 

In 2001 Expenses was launched, in the same year Framework was acquired and re-written as a cloud product.  GreenLight was a natural progression for Selenity, complimenting both Expenses and Framework by adding online forms with dynamic and intelligent routing.  Standalone or embedded within the existing products, GreenLight was instantly recognised as a great way to remove paper processes.

Corporate Diligence was the dream solution for a customer.  The idea of taking the due diligence process used when acquiring companies hadn’t evolved for years and was perfect for an internet make-over.  Launched in 2012, Corporate Diligence brings the due diligence process up to date using Apps and the internet for smooth and fast communication during the time sensitive process.

Selenity engaged with a start-up company workforce metrics who had created ER Tracker, an online solution to manage employee relations cases.  It soon became apparent that this product filled a big gap but needed an established sales and marketing channel to make an impact.  Selenity acquired Workforce Metrics in 2014.

Expenses provided the software solution but we noticed many companies wanted the option to out-source the entire process.  However, existing solutions offered slow turn-around times for the processing of claims and receipts, something that would impact the business and its employees.  In 2013 we set about building something new and fast.  Expenses Expedite was launched in 2014, our fast outsourced expenses service.  We delivered something unique by not only building the software but also investing the hardware to make the receipt scanning process incredibly fast.

To this day we remain as a private company, owned by the people that work in the business.  

Registered in England No.: 2360522
VAT No.: 5261 6425 9