Selenity Framework streamlines Aegon’s contract management process

Aegon UK, have been helping customers take responsibility for their retirement planning since they were formed as Scottish Equitable in 1831. They provide simple easy-to-understand information to help people make informed choices and take responsibility for their financial future. In the UK they’re already helping two million customers get ready for their retirement. 

Aegon have over 600 active supplier contracts and needed a system that would centralise all of these, and give them greater control to review each contract and alert them to important dates such as renewals. 

  • Centralised all supplier contracts. 
  • Greater control and transparency of contracts. 
  • Email alerts remind contract owners of key dates and activities.

In 2008 they decided to replace their previous contract management software and went out to tender. Looking to streamline their contract management process, Aegon reviewed several contract management providers before choosing Selenity Framework

The browser based application was one of the many features that Aegon found would be of great benefit. Regardless of geographical location, employees have access to all of the contracts and information from this centrally accessible system. Blair Pearson, Procurement & Contracts Analyst at Aegon commented, “Selenity Framework removes the need for shared drives as everything is hosted externally. This removed a single point of failure and gave us the security and access that a business of Aegons size needs. Previous software was very labour intensive to keep contracts up to date and checking renewal dates was a more manual process. Framework has enabled us to streamline our contract management process.” 

Since the implementation of Selenity Framework, it has enabled Aegon to consolidate all of their supplier contracts into a centralised location. “We have a lot of contracts to assist in our operation. Selenity Framework helps us keep tabs on all of our contracts, no matter the size or value. The ability to access multiple contracts without having to go through various folders makes the process less click and labour intensive. I picked Selenity Framework up within a couple of day’s usage. Everything is accessible from the first login page. It’s built with the user in mind.” 

Selenity Framework can be programmed to send automatic emails when specific actions or events need attention such as contract renewals or terminations. “The ability to customise the alerts is a tool that we at Aegon utilise. We receive an alert in our inbox on the first of every month and it enables the contract owner to take appropriate action.” 

“Selenity Framework has centralised all of our contracts and we can share this with every department across the business. Its flexibility allows us to set different levels of access to people and departments giving us greater control of all our contracts.” 

Aegon use Selenity Framework as their dedicated application for contract management and have utilised the software giving them greater control and transparency of contracts in a centralised place while saving time with a streamlined process.