Selenity Framework enables effective and efficient contract management for ONS

Selenity Framework enables effective and efficient contract management for ONS.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is the government department that provides UK statistical and registration services. ONS is responsible for producing a wide range of key economic and social statistics which are used by policy makers across government to create evidence-based policies and monitor performance against them.

ONS also builds and maintains data sources both for itself and for its business and research customers. It makes statistics available so that everyone can easily assess the state of the nation, the performance of government and their own position. On the 1st April 2008 ONS became a non-ministerial government department and the executive agency of the UK Statistics Authority. For further information visit:

...the importance of a contract management system...

Internal Audit reviewed the current contract management arrangements at ONS. The resulting report said that:

“Lack of a proper contract management system can hinder contract management and consequently lead to inefficient management and poor value for money being achieved'.

One of the recommendations to come out of the review was for the Procurement Unit to put in place a contract management system to enable contract managers to manage contracts effectively.

Benefits of Selenity Framework include:

  • Central repository: Electronic copies of contracts, tenders, SLA’s and other contract related documents can all be uploaded for direct access; specific data held within these can be entered into the system for immediate access and improved reporting capabilities.
  • Highly configurable: During implementation each company can specify how they would like the system to be set up. To add additional fields is a simple process that can be performed by any administrator with the correct permissions.
  • Secure access: Access to the system and individual contracts can be limited to specific employees on a need to know basis.
  • Monitor contract performance: The reporting facilities allow for contract managers to analyse each contracts significance to the business and decide whether to renew or look for a more cost effective contract.
  • Notification of milestone dates: Contract managers are sent email notifications in plenty of time of contract milestone dates. Ensuring the contracts do not renew or cancel without giving opportunity to review each contract accordingly.

...choosing Selenity Framework wasn’t a difficult decision...

Having spent time going out to tender and thoroughly investigating the market, ONS shortlisted a number of solutions and then chose Selenity Framework. Throughout the sales process the response and communications between ONS and the Selenity team was professional, allowing a smooth transaction and implementation.

Selenity Framework itself proved to be user-friendly and showed excellent value for money with the competitive price we were offered. The provision of a central repository for all contracts was a major requirement to ensure all contractual documentation could be easily accessed by all relevant employees and departments at ONS. Originally, all information relating to contract management was stored on disparate systems across ONS which meant tracking down information was onerous and resource intensive. The diverse location of all contract information was the biggest hurdle ONS found in implementing Selenity Framework , however:

“The implementation plan, which ONS and Selenity worked to, ensured the initial implementation and upload took merely weeks to complete,” reported Gary Williams.

...with Selenity Framework in place...

ONS purchased a 20 concurrent user licence to be used at their three office locations, Newport, Titchfield and London. Selenity Framework is a web-based contract management solution, this allows all employees, regardless of geographical location, who are involved in researching, managing and assessing contracts to access all the information they require from this centrally accessible system.

Since implementing Selenity Framework ONS have consolidated the disparate contract information into one centrally accessible location resulting in more efficient contract management.

“Selenity Framework allows immediate, secure and automated access to key information across all departments within ONS, which helps to manage our supplier relationships and contractual activities efficiently and effectively.” says Gary Williams.

...the benefits keep growing...

ONS has a current revenue of over £20m from income generating contracts, which prior to implementing Selenity Framework had no standard process or central repository to manage these; and with a reduced baseline it was important to gain management of these.

Within Selenity Framework the Procurement Unit keep accurate storage of all contracts and any records appertaining to them and this strategy has been placed on all contracts including income generating contracts within ONS.

...event triggered email notifications...

Selenity Framework is programmed to send automatic emails when specific actions or events need to be looked at in greater details. This has enabled the contract managers at ONS to create notify groups, with specific employees included, to be alerted when any contract milestones or specific tasks need to be undertaken.

...great service: before, during and beyond...

ONS found the service provided by Selenity at all stages of procurement was of a very high standard and one of the key factors in ONS selecting Selenity Framework.

Post implementation has seen an equally high standard of service from training users to help desk enquiries. Additionally, ONS have attended Selenity User Groups, which were found to be both professionally run and informative events.

“The training provided by Selenity exceeded ONS expectations. The trainers were excellent at delivering the sessions & helping in any way they could after the training events.”