Fitness First - Expenses Will Help Manage Essential Requirements Within The Business

Selenity, a leading supplier of expenses management software, Expenses, welcomes Fitness First as a new customer.

As the largest privately owned health group in the world with over 437 clubs, Fitness First confirmed that Expenses would help manage a number of essential requirements within the business.

The new software will put in place an online web-based process for a UK business that operates across 143 locations in the UK which, together with appropriate controls on the payment of expense and compliance with Income tax and VAT regulations, is a timely step forward. Expenses will satisfy the new tax rules for Senior Accounting Officers and will ease the burden of trying to comply and should avoid penalties.

Expenses will be used throughout Fitness First’s individual clubs with employees benefitting from the self-registration app. Staff will be able to register and claim expenses without the assistance of the administration team, allowing them to concentrate on other business priorities.  

Fitness First Project Accountant, Emma Stark, comments on Selenity’s support: “During our feasibility assessment we were really impressed by how approachable and helpful Selenity was, particularly in response to our enquiries. 

“The visit to an existing customer to see the benefits of the system also went extremely well and supported our decision to introduce Expenses. We are confident that our employees will also be pleased with the new system,” said Emma.

The Fitness First team recognised the breadth of functionality of the software and how this would meet the company’s requirements. Improving efficiency by enabling employees to manage their own information through self-service, such as address and vehicle details, was a big incentive for adopting the new system.

Fitness First Head of Transactions and Tax, Andy Pickles comments: “This is an important project for us and provides a number of significant benefits to the organisation. We had an excellent working relationship with Selenity, which helped to ensure the project hit its objectives in terms of time and functionality.”

Welcoming Fitness First as a new customer Neil Everatt, Managing Director of Selenity, comments: “We are delighted that Fitness First has selected Expenses from Selenity. Once again our highly flexible expenses management solution has been deployed to reduce processing costs, increase transparency and ensure compliance.”