BrightHouse Adopts Cloud Technology To Improve Employee Case Management

Selenity ER Tracker is allowing BrightHouse to centralise its employee relations HR function, simplify case reporting and support its employee relations strategy with the identification of case trends.   

  • Centralises employee relations HR function
  • Identifies case trends
  • Increases weekly case management reporting efficiencies from 4 hours to 30 minutes
  • Supports adherence to Employee Relations SLA’s
  • Monitors absence, appeals, conduct / disciplinary, grievance, performance, and sickness


BrightHouse is the UK's leading weekly payment retailer, selling home electronic and domestic appliances, household furniture and related products across the country. 

With over 300 stores in the UK and around 3,300 employees, BrightHouse’s HR team has a challenging task of managing its employee relations (ER) cases.

Historically, its employee relations was managed across the business rather than by a dedicated team, so it was decided by HR in mid-2014 that the employee relations roles needed to be centralised to help solve case management control issues.

The HR department was using an Excel spreadsheet system to manage any employee relations cases.  

Louise Levy, Employee Relations Manager, BrightHouse explains, “Managing cases with Excel spreadsheets was clumsy and time consuming. Updating and reporting became an arduous task.

The team manages numerous concurrent cases on an on-going basis and it was extremely difficult to keep control of logging and reporting with Excel spreadsheets.”  

In August 2015, BrightHouse implemented Selenity’s cloud-based Selenity ER Tracker software.

Managing case loads

Louise continues, “Selenity ER Tracker gives us a really good way of reporting and a ‘reason for being’ as a department. The software has been designed to bring control back to the employee relations personnel and it has rapidly sped up the task of updating and reporting of employee relations’ cases on a weekly basis from four hours to under 30 minutes.

Employee relations’ cases are changing all the time. Previously, the centralised Excel spreadsheet would only allow one person to update a case on the system at a time.  It was impossible to measure timelines or any trends in case types.  Selenity ER Tracker is much more user friendly and gives the ER team the freedom to easily share case information and provide a better continuity of service.  

Now, if someone from the employee relations team takes a call, any one of us can easily access the case notes online, and pick up the call for another division.” 

Selenity ER Tracker helps with case management by alerting BrightHouse’s ER advisors via email of any outstanding actions or deadlines that may be coming up. Each case stage is factored into the system to give a clearer understanding at what stage a case is at. It also supports regular reporting by the ER team to the HR director. 

Identifying trends of case types

The cloud based Selenity ER Tracker solution is integrated with the existing HR and payroll system which enables the identification of trends on employee relations case types. 

The reporting capability of ER Tracker helps us to adhere to agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs.)   Louise explains, “There were some key SLAs set by the business for employee relations and the best way for us to report on these has been through the cloud-based software system.” 

Louise adds, “Most importantly, ER Tracker gives us insight into specific trends of case types in sectors of our business. For example, by identifying key trends, we are able to feed this information back to the senior management team, which will support their strategic decisions for the company.”

Louise concludes, “The system is highly specialised and tailored specifically for BrightHouse, so our team can input a specific case with a case type of our choosing.  It is a cost effective option that has changed the working practices of our team and added huge value to enable better management and analysis of patterns in our employee relations cases.”

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