Cloud modernises employee case management at NHS Trust

The implementation of ER Tracker has enabled North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to eliminate antiquated spreadsheets, improve team working, and increase efficiency and accuracy of employment case management.

  • Challenge: Reduce operational complexity of managing multiple employee cases.
  • Solution: ER Tracker from Selenity.
  • Result: Increased visibility, efficiency, and a reduction in case management errors.

North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is an NHS Foundation Trust providing mental health in five boroughs in North West England. These are Halton, Knowsley, St. Helens, Warrington and Wigan.

Tailored Edition

North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is now using cloud technology, ER Tracker, from Selenity to manage Employee Relations cases, such as conduct, complaints, sickness and respect at work. The cloud software, which has an edition tailored and is unique to the public sector and NHS, reduces the operational complexity of managing multiple employee cases, improves case efficiency and simplifies case reporting.

Replacing Spreadsheets

The cloud software replaces the Trust’s ‘log’ - a collection of seven shared Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for managing up to 60 employee cases such as appeals, conduct and sickness at any one time.

The spreadsheets are supplemented by a series of Microsoft Word documents, which contain additional case information.

"Our previous system of recording Employee Relations cases was antiquated, difficult to maintain, and difficult to use for report creation,” says Kate Milner, HR Advisor, North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. “We used to have to access our spreadsheets consecutively so we didn’t create conflicting versions, but this caused delays and so the data wasn’t always up to date at the moment when it was needed. Sorting the data to present a different view was a challenge; the function is open to error and frequent manual corrections were needed. Creating our weekly report for the HR director involved summarizing all of the spreadsheets into a single concise document.”

Easily Accessible

The new software enables the HR team – made up of three administrators and five HR advisors – to access the system simultaneously, making updates to cases at any time of the day without waiting for colleagues to finish. As a cloud service, it can be accessed remotely; ensuring cases are updated in a timely manner, which is something the HR team will utilize in the future.


The system comes complete with director dashboards of cases, providing real time information on the number of cases running on time or overdue. Plus, the HR Service Manager and Director of HR can login to the system at anytime and export specific reports, showing the progress, current status and outcomes of cases. The Trust is also required to answer certain compliance questions, such as conduct versus ethnicity and disability. With one press of a button, the system can very easily split data to create the report. This would have been a very time consuming task previously.

The system also enables improved case management. It provides notifications for key stages of a case, monitors case progress and ensures the team hits its deadlines. The system automatically sends email reminders of case progress and looming deadlines to the case handlers and allows all case documents and notes to be held centrally.

Designed specifically for the NHS

Damian Byrne, Head Of Workforce Planning, Information & Resourcing, North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust says: “Using spreadsheets for case management is very common in the NHS, some trusts might use adapted IT systems or other case management systems designed for other industries. ER Tracker is the first system we have seen which is designed specifically for the public sector and fully customizable to the requirements of the Trust.”

The system went live in October 2014 and is currently being used to manage all new Employee Relations cases. The existing spreadsheets are being maintained as an archive of past cases, although cases can be migrated as part of an implementation if required.

  • Eliminates use of antiquated spreadsheets
  • Reduces case management errors
  • Improves team working and visibility
  • Enables Enhanced Reporting
  • Ease of use, central repository for all case correspondence



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